National Careers Week 2023 6th – 11th March | [email protected]


350 Careers. One NHS. Your Future.

Whatever your skills, qualifications or interests, there’s a career for you in the NHS.

The NHS of course needs doctors, nurses, midwives and physiotherapists, which you will have heard of.

But we need people in all sorts of jobs, whether you work frontline on a ward or never see a patient. You could work behind the scenes helping to manage the finance system, in a laboratory as a biochemist, or be the clerk who books a patient in for their operation.

Depending on which role you choose, you could work in any number of locations around the UK, for example hospitals, GP surgeries, community clinics, pharmacies, mental health facilities, prisons, or ambulance services. 

The important thing to remember is, whatever you’d like to do in the NHS, you’ll make a difference to people’s lives from day one.

NHS Health Careers – A thousand lives

Career Stories

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Layla Adam

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Cherie Lawrence

Cherie became a mental health nurse after she overcame post-natal depression.
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