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Royal Society of Chemistry

Whether studying the chemistry of life, or developing the advanced science behind modern technology, chemical scientists use their expertise to improve our health, our environment and our daily lives.

Collaboration is essential. We connect scientists with each other and society as a whole, so they can do their best work and make discoveries and innovation happen.

We publish new research. We develop, recognise and celebrate professional capabilities. We bring people together to spark new ideas and new partnerships. We support teachers to inspire future generations of scientists. And we speak up to influence the people making decisions that affect us all.

We are a catalyst for the chemistry that enriches our world.

Are you looking for a career where you can make a positive difference to people and the planet?

Meet chemists who are exploring new techniques to tackle climate change, using computer models to predict the best ways to remove harmful pollutants, transforming waste CO2 into new products and using chemistry to ensure the food we consume is safe to eat. Follow @RoyalSocietyofChemistry on TikTok and you will be notified when the event goes live on 9th March, 5:30pm.

Discover some of the ways chemists are making a difference to the climate emergency. From recycling electric car batteries to converting waste pineapple leaves into fabric there are so many green careers in chemistry. Which one will you choose?

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Study Options

There are many different qualifications and routes you can take to become a professional chemical scientist and have a successful career in chemistry.

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Job Profiles

Real-life stories from real-life chemical scientists.

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Richard, Scientific leader for Molecular Design Group at GSK

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Misbah, Senior Principal Scientist at Johnson Matthey

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Aruna, Senior Software Developer for the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC)

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Holly, Associate Scientist at AstraZeneca.

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Zubera, Research fellow at the University of Birmingham

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Joesph, Laboratory analyst and higher degree apprentice at Thames Water

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From sustainable fashion to renewable energy, a career in chemistry can make a difference.

Find out more from those already making the impact!